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Our Competitive Advantages

We merge our experience and  knowledge to deliver modern, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our detailed analysis and design techniques are fast, superior and very accurate. We capture real behaviour of structural elements under the applied loads, ensuring our designs are precise and fit for purpose. A special attention is given to practicality and simplicity of  our solutions. We target the construction cost in more rigorous way than that used by our competitors. 

Our Services

New Developments

From single storey to high-rise buildings, we deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients. Our solutions are practical and simple but elegant, and designed to achieve the best structural performance with the highest safety and the lowest construction cost.


Rigid Pavements

Our approach in the design of culverts, bridges, retaining walls, and rigid pavements is to deliver high standard and low maintenance solutions with a special attention to simple, fast, and cost-saving construction techniques, resulting in a minimum road closure during construction phase.

Existing Structures

Whether you want adding extra rooms or floors to your property, or preserving your property from excessive deterioration and damages, we can assist you to achieve your goals in a professional way on time and to your budget.

Construction Engineering Services

We provide advanced construction stage analysis for projects where the performance of structure is rapidly affected by the construction techniques. We assist builders to ensure their construction methodology fits for the purpose with no adverse effect on serviceability and strength of the structure.

Advanced Engineering Services

We provide a wide range of advanced engineering services to our clients including but not limited to Wind Engineering using CFD analysis, Earthquake engineering using state-of-the-art performance-based design approach, Fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis, and fracture mechanics. We transfer our knowledge and expertise to value for our clients, delivering a cost optimised solution that fits for purpose.

Peer Review, Expert Witness, & forensic Investigation

Failure Assessment

When dealing with complex, large, and high-risk projects, we can assist your design engineers to establish a clear and reliable pathway in their design based on a valid hypothesis and correct interpretations of standards and codes of practice. We support our clients to understand the compatibility between the design and the common practices to minimise the financial or economic risk.