Vibration Analysis Service

We deliver ideal solutions to overcome vibration problems.

StruSol provides in depth vibration analysis for floors and pedestrian bridges using an in-house program that has been developed based on our experience, standards, and advanced techniques. We assist our clients to overcome vibration related problems and eliminate occupant / pedestrian discomfort. In our approach, the end user discomfort responses are mapped over the floors and / or bridge decks. Such a mapping system highlights the critical areas where floor / bridge deck modification is required. Based on our clients’ direction, we may used this data to propose specific floor fitouts to eliminate discomfort of the occupants.

In general, all bodies possessing mass and elasticity are capable for vibration. When serviceability and / or comfort of occupants are in concern, vibration becomes a more predominant design factor in long span structures and in those with relatively low mass to stiffness ratio.  The use of high strength materials and modern architectural expression has also enhanced the need for vibration analysis. Vibration may affect performance of structural elements under the applied loads and in some cases, depending on its severity, may result in progressive damage of structural elements that may eventually lead to failure of structure.