Advanced Engineering Services

Our simulations are precise and accurate, capturing real behaviour of the structure. 

Using state-of-the-art engineering tools and our expertise in mathematical simulations, we develop customised  solutions for complex engineering challenges. We successfully deliver diverse projects from wind analysis, to flood-structure interaction analysis, earthquake engineering, floor vibrations, fracture mechanics and failure assessment, and research and development activities to assist our clients, bringing their innovative products to the market.

Punching Shear

Our Services include:

Seismic Engineering

In addition to static analysis, Strusol has the knowledge and capabilities to undertake time history, push over, and performance-based analysis to ensure our design satisfies all standard requirements and the structure demonstrates a  superior performance. 

CFD & FSI Analysis

We use CFD analysis to predict wind and / or flood pressures acting on structures. Outcomes of CFD analysis will then be imported into an SFI analysis to investigate short and long term behaviours of structures under loads.    

Vibration Analysis

Floor/deck vibration is one of the predominant design factors when comfort of occupants/pedestrians is a concern. While the modern design standards cover this area for residential type activities, a more sophisticated detailed design is required for rhythmic activities or when dealing with vibration sensitive equipment. We assist our clients to overcome vibration related problems in a professional way to eliminated occupant/pedestrian discomfort.

Fracture Mechanics & Failure Assessment

We use state-of-the-art finite element analysis tools to accurately predict crack generation and propagation in a wide range of elements and materials. The aim of our service is to enhance the performance of a product under applied load and to reduce risk of failure particularly under dynamic loads. We successfully established a list of properties for many materials used in construction industry to capture realistic outcomes.

R&D / Certificate of New Products

StruSol was involved with several R&D projects where our knowledge and expertise were used to develop scientific strategies to investigate, test, and certify innovative products of our clients. Our service targets client’s needs in an effective way with an emphasis to cut unnecessary costs. With the technology we have, StruSol predicts structural behaviour of any products with a limited testing regime and certifies it in a faster route.