About Us

We provide exceptional, elegant, and simple solutions to complex engineering challenges.

StruSol is directed by Dr. Ario Y. Darestani and supported by our highly skilled professional team. We merge our extensive experience and knowledge to develop innovative, cost effective, and high quality practical solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs, ensuring high value outcomes are delivered on time and to their budgets.


We ensure that we deliver the following on each and every project:

Customised Solutions

Our solutions are high quality and cost-effective, tailored toward clients’ expectations with best fit to project’s needs.

Our director will be involved in each and every project to ensure high quality outcomes are delivered. 

Technology & Capabilities

Our in-house design tools and advanced analysis capabilities together with our experiences  in structural engineering discipline ensure our clients receive innovative and market leading solutions. 

Low Company Overheads

We use modern techniques to effectively utilise our team in our projects, resulting in a better communication and less cost.   


We are proactive with positive communication between stakeholders. We are patient and respect input from all stakeholders. Our mission is  quality and excellent service. 

Market Expertise

Our expertise covers a wide range of projects from residential, commercial and industrial development, to retaining structures, rigid pavements and bridges.    


We have directly been commissioned by architects, builders, project managers, developers, and public sectors. 

We also assisted manufacturers to bring their innovative ideas to the construction market. 

Since the establishment of our company, StruSol has been engaged by other civil and structural consulting firms to enhance their capabilities in finding pioneering solutions for complex problems.